Five Hints for a Flawless Skin

skin care tips

Your skin is among the many things that other notice when they look at you. While many people seem to have the right genes that promote a flawless complexion, the rest of us despite our efforts our skin problems can be blamed on lousy genetics or aging and are deemed unfixable. Its right that certain habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and too much exposure to the sun does more evil than good to our skin, and that is why we should avoid them like the plague.

Don’t wait for your skin to deteriorate to take action. There are multiple lotions, treatments, potions, and surgeries available to fix skin problems. The following hints will help you to get that flawless skin that you have always desired.


Don’t sleep with make up

Putting on makeup will not cause wrinkles. However, leaving it when retiring to bed does. Studies show that everytime you sleep with makeup on, you will look seven days older when you wake up in the morning. Yes, you heard me right! The principal reason is that makeup breaks down your collagen accelerating the process of aging.

Read the ingredients list on your skin care products carefully

content of skin creamEven though the ingredients list may not look like its written in your native language, try as much as possible to find the ingredients if you want to get the best skincare products for your body. Stay away from skin care products that contain ingredients like ethanolamines. In most products, they work as emulsifiers or foaming agents. The worst thing about them is that they cause cancer after prolonged exposure. Other harmful ingredients that you should keep off include alcohols, parabens are particular sulfates.They are responsible for creating irritation, dryness of skin and corrosion that leads to premature aging.

Avoid over exfoliating your skin

Our skins are not the same, and that is why what might work on another person’s skin might not be useful at all on yours. Experts recommend that you should not exfoliate your skin more than twice a week. In as much as its a grand idea to scrab the excess dirt that gets stuck in your pores for ski products to get quickly absorbed and prevent breakouts, exfoliating on a regular basis will rob your skin of its natural oils and cause breakouts. You need to give your skin the time it needs to heal by not continually scrubbing the top layer away.

Sidestep hard water

Hard water is rich in metals and minerals meaning that it won’t thoroughly wash off all types of soap or skin care products. This can lead to problems like dryness, acne, and eczema. So if you have been bathing with hard water start using soft water. You can add filters or softeners to the system so that you have a continuous flow of healthier water for washing and drinking.

Don’t drink too much coffee

A considerable fraction of the population drink lots of coffee every day. Coffee causes more harm than good to your skin just like alcohol and smoking. The caffeine in coffee is known to dehydrate our bodies making our livers overwork and create a toxin build up in the long run.