Injuries that Lead to Mobility Issues

man in a wheelchair

Inability to move often comes with severe limitations, which adversely affects the quality of life. People with mobility issues are often classified as disabled. There are many reasons one might find themselves in a position where they can no longer move. In lightman in a wheelchairof this, it is important for individuals living with them to think about better ways of improving their lifestyles.

The best way you can help someone with mobility issue is to invest in mobility aids. One might either buy or opt for scooter and wheelchair rentals in LA. Rentals can help you with short-term mobility needs or while you are looking for money to buy. As you are weighing your options, it is essential to know which injuries or conditions that might confine you to a mobility aid. Read on!

Spinal Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are probably the most common reasons people use mobility aids like wheelchairs. Spinal injuries are mostly associated with lifestyle conditions or as a result of a blunt force trauma. Car accidents are considered to be on the leading contributors to spinal injuries. Sports injuries, workplace-related incidents, and falls are other cause of these injuries.

Head Injuries

Injuries on the head can interfere with your mobility. As much as the head might not appear to have anything with your mobility, it is a serious contributor to mobility issues. How can head injuries do this? Severe head injuries bring in the aspect of paralysis into play. Ideally, if the brain is severely damaged, the affected individual is often at risk of losing function is key parts of the body thus confining him or her to some mobility aid.


charging scooterAnother leading cause of mobility issues today is strokes. During a stroke, the body shuts off the supply of oxygen to some of the brain, which kills the affected cells. The damage caused on brain cells is what makes one paralyzed, and the nature of paralysis depends on the magnitude of oxygen cut-off. The severity of stroke varies in different condition, and the type of paralysis tends to be quite unpredictable.

These are some among many health conditions that might interfere with an individual’s mobility. Other like polio, Multiple, sclerosis, and osteoporosis might also make someone immobile. Irrespective of the nature of the condition, investing in a mobility aid could be highly appreciated.