The Health Benefits of Kayaking


Watersports consist of a wide array of different activities that people do to have fun in the water. A lot of people tend to engage in watersports to have fun. The cool thing about watersports is that not only are they very fun to do, but they are also very beneficial for your health, especially some specific types of watersports such as kayaking.

When it comes to kayaking, a lot of people love to engage in this activity to explore the waters and unwind on their day off on their kayak. All the things that you need if you want to go kayaking is a paddle, safety gear, gadgets, and, of course, a kayak. You can go to to find out about how to find the best kayak for you. Kayaking is very fun and enjoyable to do with a group of people or by yourself.

When enjoying kayaking, you can also enjoy a vast array of several different benefits that come with it. The health benefits of kayaking are extensive. In this article, we will be focusing more on the health benefits of kayaking. We will discuss and talk about the top three health advantages of this type of watersports. Here are the benefits of kayaking when it comes to your health:

Full Body Workout


Kayaking can also be considered as a workout. You exercise all parts of your body when doing this type of watersports. Hence, it can be regarded as a full body workout. Kayaking will have a significant impact on your upper body, core, and lower body. Not only does kayaking help you tone your body, but it also helps in strengthening it as well. Plus, it is also a great sport to help you on your weight loss journey.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Kayaking is a type of watersports that benefits the health of your heart. Doing this activity will help you in improving your heart health. It can be considered a great exercise to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Kayaking involves brisk and continuous movements that help raise the heart rate. By building up your heart rate, you are on your way to promoting your cardiovascular health.

Promote Mental Health

relaxing kayaking

Other than physical health benefits, kayaking also helps promote mental health. Kayaking can be an exhilarating or a peaceful sport. It can help you reduce your stress since you’ll be out in nature and surrounded by water. It is also a relaxing workout that triggers the discharge of brain chemicals, which can enhance your mood. Plus, it can also build a positive self-image.

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Best GPS Watches For Kayaking


It is important to note that kayaking has become one of the most popular watersports in the world. Therefore, if you like participating or watching some of the watersports, this is one of the best sports you should never miss. If you are also planning to purchase your kayak, make sure that you are aware of the best tips to put into an account. This is because there are various types of the kayak are sold out there.

When you are kayaking, there are some of the accessories you are required to have. You need to have a GPS watch for kayaking. This will help with the accurate direction while you are in the water. Therefore, for you to buy the best watch, there are some of the factors or tips you should know. This is because there are many brands on the market and you should only choose the best that is likely to deliver the best results. Below are some of the types of kayaking watches.

The Garmin Navigator watch

kiujytredsxcvgbklThis is one of the best watches you are recommended to use for kayaking. It has the best features that any kayaker may need. Also, it is slim, lightweight and also it is thicker. Its display is colorful and vivid. Even if you are in the water, this watch is visible. That is why it is advisable to buy a waterproof gps wathes for kayaking. Also, this watch can be connected to your phone using the latest Garmin’s Proprietary Connect Technology.

Polar M400 smartwatch

This is another GPS watch you can use for kayaking because it comes with a GPS tracker. Most kayakers consider this type of a sports watch because it is durable and also it is a waterproof watch. As mentioned earlier, it is essential to know some of the features you will consider looking for when purchasing these watches.

Suunto Spartan ultra

When you are planning to go for kayaking, this is one of the best watches you are likely to consider. This is because it is a one sleek GPS watch with a full-color touchscreen. It is made from steel bezel, and this is why it can withstand a good beating.

Suunto traverseoiuytrdfcghjkl

This type of a watch is built primarily for trekkers and hikers. However, this watch can also be used for kayaking. Therefore, this GPS watch has all the features you need in kayaking, and it comes in a solid body, and it is a bit heavy.

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